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10 Reasons for Using a Virtual Office

04 Aug 10 Reasons for Using a Virtual Office

The Virtual Office idea is one of the by-products of the Information Age. The nature of this era has created the demand for a faster and more flexible solution for business owners.

Here are 10 reasons why business owners prefer a Virtual Office to the conventional executive suites:


    • Fast setup – instant “move-in”. No need for renovation or any hiring of staffs. Hence no delay or postponement of starting your business.
    • Flexible – move anywhere anytime. You can choose to work from anywhere anytime you wish. No worries of changing any address when you have to move, as your Virtual Office address remains as your correspondent address.
    • Low cost – zero overheads. No renovation cost, no expensive monthly rental, no utility bill, no hiring of receptionist, etc.
    • Low risk – minimal risk for new startups. As there is minimal setup cost, there is also minimal risk in any losses.
    • Security – no worries of unnecessary solicitation. Whether it is just some annoying salesmen or some lowlife crooks, they will find the only valuable item in a Virtual Office is the address.
    • Image – intangible value of the address. A prestigious address is sometimes not what one can afford. But as a Virtual Office is usually located at prime office area, the Virtual Office address can bring an intangible value of confidence and elegance, especially to a young business.
    • Professional assistance – reception and basic secretarial services. Sometimes, these services come with the Virtual Office package or for just a small additional fee, you can enjoy professional personal assistance instead of committing to a long term HR cost.
    • Meeting room – instead of public cafes. Some meetings are just not suitable to take place in a public café. A Virtual Office with meeting room facilities once again allows you to enjoy the usage with no or minimal cost.
    • Shared facilities – fax, printing, copying, etc. These are also facilities that you do not need to own, yet enjoy the benefits and pay only when you need them with no or minimal additional cost.
    • Presence – mark your territory. Although technology has made the world smaller, there is usually still a lack in confidence of delivery when there isn’t any local address. With Virtual Office, your office can be global, if you wish.

Prestigious Virtual Office address packages from RM1/day only.