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An Address is Not Just an Address

04 Aug An Address is Not Just an Address

The address of a business is probably one of the most understated factors in building a business. Especially in the age of technology where everything is communicated via internet and internet retailers are mushrooming everyday everywhere. Why do you still need a business address when you can just work from home or simply mobile? What physical mails do we still receive when everyone is trying to go paperless? So, why do we still need an address?

If an address is just an address where your office is located or you send mails to, then the address is just an address.

But what else can an address be?

An address is actually Confidence.

Imagine you receiving a company’s name card with a second grade address and another with a prime address. It is obvious that we will have more confidence in the one with a more impressive address.

In another scenario, would you rather buy things from an online shop that publishes its address or one without any return address? Which is more likely to be a “fly-by-night” company? Isn’t consumer confidence one of the biggest obstacles especially when it comes to online sales or e-commerce? So, how else can you add confidence to the consumer then to let them know that you are sincere and not fly-by-night?

Besides, the address is also class and credibility.

With due respect to all the various districts or areas of a city, you cannot deny that every name has an intangible impression or reputation. For example, would you rather be a business brand from Puchong or Mont Kiara in Malaysia? Or would you rather be a brand from Ang Mo Kio or Orchard in Singapore? Address affects a business’ branding or overall image and reputation.

This may or may not have anything to do with feng shui. But imagine the difference between a fashion brand in Paris and a fashion brand in Kota Damansara or Klang. If I am running a fashion brand or boutique online or offline, I will for sure sign up a Virtual Office address in Paris, if not Orchard Road or Bukit Bintang that is nearer to home. Whoever sees my address can think whatever they want to think, but one thing for sure, my brand is a brand with class.

A good address can drive sales for a business.

Especially in the case of new business startup, to save cost, they would resort to using a home address or no address. That is probably the start of a bad business decision. Being a new startup, most prospective customers are already concerned of the limited experience or credential of the new business. If they still don’t have a proper business address, what more confidence would the prospects have? On the other hand, if the new business has a good prime office address, you can bet that there is added confidence that this business is worth a second look.

In addition, using a home address as the official business address is simply unsafe, especially if you are staying with your family. How would you like unknown suppliers or customers knocking on your door while you are having some quality family time? Can you imagine how dangerous it could be, if these people came with an ill motive?

In another scenario, it is nowadays common that one is based in one city but supplies to another city. Technology allows us to do businesses in a borderless world. Nevertheless, many will still be concerned of or question your commitment and availability if you do not have a local address. With the local address, it simply gives the prospective customers the sense of security to buy from you.

Fortunately, a good address doesn’t have to be expensive in today’s modern business world. Virtual Office cost just a fraction of the regular rent. Even if you are already renting an office in a secondary location, you can still subscribe to the Virtual Office address in a prime location as your correspondence address. Having two addresses on your name card is even better than one!

So, what you waiting for? Go shopping for a prestigious Virtual Office address for your business today!

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