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Call Answering Service

Call Answering ServiceEach of our clients will be given a designated land line number. We can take down messages and instantly email the messages OR optionally forward the calls to as many extensions as you wish (additional telco charges apply).

How much will it cost to hire a receptionist for your own business? You will realize that a conservative estimation of salary and other expenses including the phone line and recruitment fee will come to at least a 5 figure amount, no matter what currency you wish to use. Not to mention, the training, the quality of answering the calls and days when your receptionist needs to go on leave.

Business Butler’s Call Answering Service is indeed to address all of the above challenges and more! Designed for lean businesses, we will answer all your calls in your specific company name professionally during office hours.


Subscribing to our Call Answering Service is cost saving, reliable, professional and most importantly no more missing of important calls!

Prestigious Virtual Office address packages from RM1/day only.