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FAQ – Refundable Petty Cash

Can I opt out of the refundable petty cash?

No, the petty cash is mandatory. It is fully refundable at the end of the subscription.

What is the purpose of the refundable petty cash? What would you deduct from my petty cash?

The sole purpose of the petty cash is for the use of your business needs only. It will only be deducted for services or needs that you demand for. For example, if you need any despatch service, printing, faxing, copying or extra usage of the meeting room.

Will I be notified of each deduction of my petty cash?

Yes, we will notify you of possible or estimated charge for every demand before we proceed to carry out the order and follow by the deduction from your petty cash account.

What will happen if I run out of my petty cash?

You will be temporary suspended from any paid service and will be notified to replenish your petty cash each time when the balance has been reduced to RM20. We will not carry out any orders in advance or until the petty cash has sufficient credit in it. Each top up must be a minimum amount of RM50.

What are the facilities available for us in the office?

Our office are equipped with high speed WiFi, meeting room, projector, multifunctional colour photocopy machine and water dispenser. Please ask any of our Business Butler personnel for more information.

Are your questions not answered?
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