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FAQ – Virtual Office

What if I wish to terminate the Virtual Office yearly contract in advance?

Our Virtual Office contract is on a yearly subscription basis. If you terminate the contract before a year, your fees for the remaining months will be forfeited. However, we do have a “60 days Money Back Guarantee” which allow you to try out our services and you may request a full refund within the 60 days if you find our service dissatisfactory.

How long does it take to setup a Virtual Office?

Just complete our application form, submit the necessary documents and make the payment. You can start using the Virtual Office once the payment is transacted.

Can I sign up Virtual Office for less than a year?

No, we do not offer any subscription lesser than a year. We believe that a prestigious address is hard to obtain and it is not wise for any business to change their address too regularly. Furthermore our Virtual Office package is set at a very affordable rate of only RM1 per day to help businesses to keep overheads low.

Can I sign up your Virtual Office first, then Call Answering Service later?

Yes, you may sign up our Virtual Office first and the Call Answering Service later. We will charge the Call Answering Service fees at RM2 per day based on the number of days remaining on your Virtual Office contract. Other registration fees apply as well.

Can I subscribe Virtual Office under my personal name instead of a company name?

Yes, you may, but we will only recognize the account based on your name and not to any other names that may be under a company that you own.

I have a few companies; can I combine them into 1 Virtual Office account?

We will only recognize each company or personal name to each subscription. Nevertheless, do ask our Business Butler personnel for a special bulk discount, if you are signing up more than one account with us.

I do not have my company setup yet, can I still sign up Virtual Office first?

Yes, you may sign up under your personal name first and provide us with all other necessary documents of your company registration as soon as they are ready. Meanwhile, you may also be interested to know that we can assist you with your company registration via our company secretary at an exclusive rate. Please ask any of our Business Butler personnel for more information.

How does the Virtual Office Plus Package work? What is the optional item in this package?

In our Virtual Office Plus Package, you will be given a dedicated number and the receptionists answer your calls in your company‘s name. The receptionist will take down the message and email it to you. Optionally, you can also choose to automatically divert all your calls directly to another intended number. Please take note that you will incur monthly telco charges from us for the call forwarding to your number.  With this option, you will be bothered by calls directly.

How does the Virtual Office Pro Package work?

In the Virtual Office Pro Package, the receptionists will answer in your company’s name and find out who or what the call is intended for. Then the receptionist will pass the call through the extension specified by you to inform you that someone is on the line for you. After that, if you decide not to answer the call, the receptionist will take a message from the caller and email to(omit) you, or if you decide to answer the call then the receptionist will pass the call to you. In this package, you are given 5 extensions to start off with. You can add extensions in bulk of 5 with a one-time setup fee of RM100.

Are your questions not answered?
Prestigious Virtual Office address packages from RM1/day only.