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Serviced Office

A Serviced Office is fully furnished and ready-to-move-in office suite ideal for micro-sized businesses (1 to 3 pax), where their rental usually also includes all utilities, shared office facilities, housekeeping and reception services. Some of the shared facilities include meeting rooms, copier, fax, printing, binding, etc.

Serviced Office is suitable for:
1 Local Business who has headquartered abroad or in another state of the country which require a business presence in the area of operation
2 Startup Companies who want to start and keep their business lean without high financial commitment
3 Freelancers who want to have a professional presence and a proper working place
4 Micro-sized SME who do not need a large office space yet would like to have a office that is complete with facilities
Serviced Office will be equipped with facilities like Meeting Rooms, Air Conditioning, Photocopier, Furniture and other utilities. Serviced Office also provide Receptionist to assist with incoming mail/parcel and visitor, Administrative Support like manage calendar and booking, Call Answering Service to help you screened and answer your incoming call, Outgoing Call Service to enable you to call out, IT Infrastructure for network connectivity and Internet connectivity


At Business Butler, we have 1 cubical, 5 single rooms and 1 3-pax room for rent as serviced office. Nevertheless, they are rarely available as all of them are on yearly contract. Please feel free to contact us for availability or put yourself on our waitlist. Good luck!

Prestigious Virtual Office address packages from RM1/day only.